How We Teach

Nia Learning Center looks at each child’s age and level of development when determining children’s classroom assignments and move-up dates. Due to individual development of each child, the classroom age definitions may vary slightly. A more detailed classroom goal sheet is available upon enrollment.

The children in this classroom are 5 to 6 years of age. Nia Learning Center offers a full-day program or half-day program in conjunction with the Philadelphia School District. Transportation is provided to several local elementary schools. Nia Learning Center kindergarten program follows Philadelphia School District guidelines as it offers enhanced learning opportunities and hands on experiences through varied activities and play.

This program is designed for children in first grade or above. The program includes care for children before and/or after school and school days off. Transportation is available to several local schools. Time is made available for children to begin their homework assignments and participate in recreational activities. Snacks are provided.

Children learn by hearing, seeing, moving and touching. With a foundation of security, love and encouragement, children will explore and learn to understand the exciting world around them.

Knowledge is not given to children. They acquire information about their physical and social world through playful interaction with other children, adults and objects. They are motivated by a natural desire to explore and make sense of the world around them.

Each child is unique. A quality program recognizes the individual needs of children while providing an environment full of stimulating, as well as challenging materials, and activities for all children. Skilled staff observes the children to see how much and what they understand and then construct additional experiences and challenges to expand the children’s thinking even further.