Words From Our Happy Families!

Here's a small sampling of what people are saying about Nia Learning Center!

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“What makes NIA special is that it is God based. The Basis of anything that is successful is first being in alliance with the Lord. At NIA the children receive a firm foundation to build upon in years to come! NIA is giving these children pride in their heritage as well as a universal world view! It is a great school and that is why my two grandchildren both of various ages have attended and have both benefited greatly! And you may quote me! Ms. Carol is a great person!”
Mrs. Delores Patterson (grandmother)
“What I love about NIA is the family setting. NIA has been a great source of support for my family. My son Tariq had some anger management issues but being the NIA’s Day School Program then continuing to attend the After School Program and Summer Camp, Tariq has improved! He is not the same boy!”
- Mrs. Rhonda Ware (mother)
“The students have received a strong foundation at NIA and have used this basic success experience to further their education at prestigious colleges and universities such as: Harvard, Villanova, University of Richmond, Loyolla, Franklin and Marshall and Millersville. Congratulations on the excellent teaching which occurs at the NIA Learning Center, Inc. in Philadelphia ”
- Sister Marie Bambrick, SSJ
“Almost daily I reflect back on the foundation that was set at Nia Learning Center. My experiences at Nia have impacted and molded me into the young woman I am today! “Nia means purpose” was the motto and the staff at Nia made sure that we as students recognized that we have a purpose!

I am currently completing my graduate studies at Howard University. I continue to carry around the love of learning and Dance, which were introduced to me at Nia. Nia is a family and a loving atmosphere. I have many fond memories of Nia, one which includes being taught how to tie my shoes! I have attended Nia as my very first school and as a teen I had the opportunity to work as a summer camp counselor. When I visit Nia, I always admire and appreciate how the staff at Nia works hard to offer children the same advantages that I once received.

With the great role models and numerous extra-curricular activities, Nia will produce world class leaders! I will always consider Nia as a family that has instilled many positive values that I have not received elsewhere! ”
- Dara Drummond (former student)

“NIA has been a wonderful fulfilling experience for my girls. I have two 11 year olds. My girls have attended the afterschool program as well as the Summer Camp. The staff is professional and friendly. My girls have really become attached and always express how much fun they have with all the enriching activities and trips NIA has to offer. The afterschool homework help has really helped my girls in their academics.

I can appreciate the foundation that is built for the children. My girls have already demonstrated qualities of leadership and high self-esteem. Nia not only promotes the vision of world class leaders for our children but it also teaches them to believe in themselves and their abilities to succeed and become whatever they strive to do in life. I love how when the children do well in their academics it is acknowledged. Thanks NIA! ”
- Catherine Thornton (mother)

“When I was a student at Central High School, I worked as an intern at Nia Learning Center. I was amazed at how much the kids learned. Preschoolers and kindergarten aged children were reading on 2nd grade+ levels. They were adding, subtracting and memorizing passages of literature. Even more amazing was how much Ms. Carol and teachers really cared about the children.

Now, over 20 years later, I'm still amazed at how wonderful NIA is. My children have attended both the preschool and camp, and the same level of excellence was maintained. At NIA, high expectations for children and encouraging children to reach their fullest potential are the norm, not the exception.

In my life, and in the lives of my children, NIA has been a blessing. ”
- Mary Johnson (mother)

“What is so great about NIA is that NIA mold’s the children into great leaders who have no other choice but to become an asset to society. My experience at NIA has been the vehicle to my dream of opening my own school one day! Being at NIA has made me realize that God is real! When I think back on my days there as a student, volunteer and then teacher, I think about good times!”
- Elizabeth Walker (former student, teacher in Atlanta, GA)
“NIA provides a loving atmosphere that allows the children to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves on a daily basis; there are times when the students aren’t ready to leave to go home because they are having such a great time! NIA has been a God send for me; we have never met a staff that is so caring and authentic. In addition to the fun the children experience, the school keeps the students on top of their academics during the summer months with spelling bee challenges, mathematical solving solutions, reading logs and vocabulary lists for the next grade level.
My sons have been attending NIA Day Care since they were five and seven years old; and now my oldest is seventeen and about to graduate from High School. This is how loyal NIA Day Care is to quality education.”
- Alicia Reed (parent)