Volunteer Opportunities

One of our goals at Nia Learning Center is to keep our tuition as affordable as possible while providing the very best experience to those of diverse economic backgrounds.  Our volunteers allow us to provide a wonderful program and opportunity for our participants.  Volunteers are essential for Nia Learning Center to provide many programs including free lunch, field trips, and other events.

Volunteerism not only helps Nia, but there are benefits to the volunteers as well.  While serving, our volunteers get hands on experience working with a variety of elementary school aged children, an opportunity to service the community and the chance to meet some awesome people, while having fun in the process.  This creates an atmosphere of family, which is a key reason families choose and will continue to come back to the Nia Learning Center.

In order to continue offering exemplary service, we need you!

To inquire about a volunteer position with the Nia Learning Center, email us at nialearningcenter@live.com or call (215) 224-5805.