Who We Are

Who We Are


Executive Director

Carol Lloyd

Ms. Lloyd is a highly dedicated and self motivated
professional and visionary who has sustained a history in
education, developing and empowering children and youth
for their respective careers for over twenty-five years.

She is the founder and Executive Director of the Nia Learning Center, Inc. located at 7310 Ogontz Ave.  Nia is the Kiswahili word for the value “purpose”.  Nia’s mission is to provide society with a generation of academic champions and world class leaders.  Carol’s phenomenal history began long before this landmark organization. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Clarion University and has certificates in Early childhood and Elementary Education.  

Ms. Lloyd has a burden to rebuild the family and a passion for wanting to provide structural and quality
educational, cultural and social programs for children and youth.  This is also what inspired her to open
Nia Learning Center back in the fall of 1982.  

Nia’s uniqueness can be summed up in this quote, “A tree is only as strong as its roots; we must
educate our young seeds.”  At Nia, we are strengthening the roots of society - our children.  We are
providing one-on-one mentoring and impacting the lives of children one heart and one mind at a time.  
Ms. Lloyd is the blessed mother of two wonderful and talented daughters - both of whom are products
of Nia’s history along with a host of other youth.   Ms. Lloyd is a member of the National Association of
Child Care Professionals (P.A.C.C.A) and is currently a participant in the PA Keystone Stars
Accreditation Program.